10 Wonderful Things That Make Being a Boy Mom So Extraordinary

Motherhood is extraordinary on its own, whether you have all
boys, or girls, or both. We love our kids no matter what and truly do mean it when
we say, “As long as they’re healthy, that’s all that matters.” That said, being
a boy mom definitely has some wonderful upsides! Let’s take a look at the top
ten that come to mind.

1. We get to be someone’s first true love

We can go through our entire teen and young adult lives
never knowing what it feels like to be someone’s first true love. Then, our
boys come along and that completely changes. There’s really nothing quite like
knowing that you’re the center of the universe for someone (and they’re the
center of yours), even if just for a little while.

There’s also nothing like the responsibility of knowing that
how you return that love sets the stage for your son’s future relationships.
It’s awesome in the truest sense of the word.

2. Boys teach us how to not take ourselves so seriously

When you’re a boy mom, you quickly learn that every bodily
function is potential joke fodder. There’s a reason why boys love books like
Captain Underpants! Even the title gets them giggling. Unless you want to spend
your life blushing (which, hey, at least saves us a bit of money on makeup),
you have to get over yourself really fast. Bonus: very little embarrasses us
boy moms anymore!

3. We learn to thrive in chaos

Nearly every list of things that make being a boy mom so
interesting talks about the chaos that sons bring to our lives. They’re a
flurry of movement. They’re noisy. They’re messy. However, they leave one key
element out. Boy moms don’t just learn to survive chaos; we can actually thrive
in it. We learn to think fast and act even faster; to find peace in noise. We
even discover that there really is order amidst the unorderly.

Don’t believe me? Go ahead and try organizing your son’s
messy pile of Pokemon cards, then tell me how he reacts!

4. Boys teach us how to communicate in the fewest words

Ask your son how his day went, and you’ll be lucky to get a
complete sentence out of him. More often than not, you’ll get “fine” or “good.”
Yet, we boy moms quickly learn to decipher the thousand unspoken words behind
that single syllable.

We become masters at reading tone and body language. It’s
not just a skill that helps us be better parents, it’s one we can use
throughout our entire lives.

5. They teach us to think about things in a whole new way

While neither boys nor girls are “smarter” (let’s not
perpetuate any stereotypes here), boys literally do think differently than
girls. There’s a quote from a study that really resonates with me. When
explaining the differences between male and female brains, Ragini Verma, Ph.D.
said, “It’s like two people driving from Philadelphia to New York, who take
different routes, but end up at the same place.”

Boy moms have the unique opportunity to learn what it’s like
to travel both routes. Isn’t that extraordinary?

 6. Boy moms learn that sometimes the reward really is worth
the risk

Boys really do take more risks than girls. It’s
scientifically proven. While we boy moms wish they wouldn’t take quite so many
potentially bone-breaking risks, our sons teach us that sometimes the reward
really IS worth six weeks in a cast. Plus, if our boys are willing to risk
falling out of a tree just to see the world from a new angle, we can certainly
risk asking our boss for a raise.

7. They literally teach us to watch our steps…

We can’t talk about things only a boy mom understands
without bringing up LEGOs, Hot Wheels, and other things that are
oh-so-incredibly painful to step on! All those late nights of tiptoeing around
to avoid the agony of an embedded LEGO in our foot teach us a valuable lesson,

Watch your step and look before you leap. Now, if only we
could pass that lesson on to our sons in the risk-taking category!

8. …and that “mama’s boy” is a good thing to be

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a mama’s boy,
and that’s something we don’t understand until we have sons. See, we know
something that all those magazine articles full of warnings about dating mama’s
boys don’t. Any woman would be lucky to date our sons because we raised them to
respect women and express their emotions in a healthy way.

9. Everything that once baffled us about boys now makes
sense to us!

 Being a boy mom is a revelation at every turn. Finally, we
understand why the boys on the playground were constantly discussing poop! We
now have a better understanding of why our crush from fifth grade didn't like
us back (because girls are still "yucky" when boys are 10!) We
discover something brand-new practically every day that sheds light on the
aspects of boys that initially completely baffled us as children.

 10. Boy moms know that a son will always be their Prince

 Last but not least, boys' mothers understand what it's like
to live with a real Prince Charming. Boys can be messy and tangled up. They
discuss subjects that make us blush. When they leap from trees, they cause
heart failure in us. However, just like how Prince Charming brought Snow White
back to life with a single kiss, our sons can make us forget all of our worries
by kissing us on the cheek.

 What's better? That doesn't stop. Whether he's one or 100, a
child really is a Mr. Perfect forever.

 Being a boy mom is truly unlike anything else! It's worse
than nurturing a young lady, it's simply unique. Sons teach us how to think in
new ways and open our eyes to whole new worlds. Simply because of that alone
makes it an extraordinary experience.