How To Tighten Loose Skin (Saggy) On Your Face?


As we age, the elasticity and tightness of our skin significantly reduces, which in turn leads to wrinkles and sagging skin.

Fortunately, you can effectively reduce the wrinkles and sagging skin with the help of two simple ingredients.

We have an amazing recipe for you that helps in tightening and rejuvenating your skin, making your skin look younger.

The first ingredient is an egg white. Eggs are known for their various benefits and their ability to tighten the skin. Cucumbers, on the other hand, can naturally regenerate the skin.

Moreover, they are a great source of antioxidants, including vitamin C and K, which can destroy free radicals responsible for the looseness of the skin and wrinkles.

Silica is the main ingredient in cucumbers. It is known for its ability to prevent wrinkles and support the growth of supportive tissues.

This recipe is very easy and simple to prepare. Just follow the instructions below!


First, you should peel the cucumber and cut it in two halves. Slice one of the halves in small pieces, and put them in a blender. Blend for a few minutes in order to prepare a puree.

Place a strainer over a bowl and put the pulp onto it so you can drain the juice. Use a spoon to smash it and extract the rest of the juice. Then, add the egg white and make sure to mix well.

You should apply the mixture on the areas of your skin you want to tighten. Let it stand for 15 minutes then rinse it with cold water. In order to get the best results, it is recommended to use this facial mask once or twice a week.