A 13 years of age boy stop a kidnapper using a cheap toy worth $3, which was purchased by his mom.

Owen Burns was going about his usual afternoon after returning home from school when he suddenly heard his sister’s screams. Despite feeling irritated by the disturbance caused by her screams, he didn’t perceive any malicious intent behind her cries for help.

Upon glancing through his window, he was shock, yet swiftly regained composure to promptly make a decision that would preserve a life.

As Owen Burns prepared to indulge in his beloved game “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” on his PlayStation 3, he became aware of his sister’s piercing screams echoing from their backyard. Initially assuming she was engaging in playful antics, the 13 years old grew increasingly frustrated.

Shortly thereafter, the adolescent peered through his bedroom window and witnessed an unfamiliar individual attempting to forcibly pull his 8 year old sister towards the wooded area bordering their residence.

In a state of panic, the teenager swiftly seized his slingshot and gathered whatever ammunition was readily available—a marble and a rock. Taking direct aim at the kidnapper, he struck the individual squarely between the eyes.

Subsequently, on his second shot, he successfully hit the perpetrator in the chest. Recounting the incident to the press, Owen shared that “the kidnapper responded with profanity-laden language.”

The incident occurred during daylight hours at the residence of the Burns family in Alpena Township, Michigan. Maggie Burns, their mother, emphasized the rarity of kidnappings in the region.

Following the conclusion of the incident, the 8 years old sister emerged from the ordeal unharmed, albeit likely experiencing emotional distress. The kidnapper, an unidentified 17 years old individual, will face charges as an adult, as confirmed by the Michigan State Police.

During a press conference, Lieutenant John Grimshaw expressed his belief that the young boy, Owen, played a pivotal role in either saving his sister’s life or preventing a grave occurrence. Describing Owen’s actions as “extraordinary,” the lieutenant hailed the boy as a true hero.

He further stated that the young individual deserved recognition and praise for his commendable endeavors.

The slingshot employed by the teenager was a regular one, nothing extraordinary. Purchased by his mother for a mere $3 during a clearance sale, it served its purpose effectively. The teenager would occasionally engage in target practice in his yard, aiming at old orange juice cans, which evidently honed his accuracy.

Upon witnessing the kidnapper’s initial attempt to abduct his sister, the teenager revealed that a single thought swiftly consumed his mind: if the stranger succeeded, his sister would likely be subjected to the horrors of either becoming a victim of sexual slavery or losing her life

Recounting the incident, Grimshaw described how the kidnapper approached the girl from behind, employing a familiar movie-like tactic—covering her mouth with his hand and gripping her waist—while endeavoring to drag her towards the nearby woods.

In that moment, Owen swiftly grabbed his slingshot and launched a projectile towards the kidnapper. As his sister managed to break free from the clutches of her assailant, she rushed back into the house, visibly distraught, recounting to her brother the harrowing experience of nearly losing her life. Filled with anger, Owen stormed outside, unleashing a string of curses towards the kidnapper. He threw a baseball in his direction, but unfortunately missed the target. Determined, he made another endeavor to strike the perpetrator with his slingshot, only to find the rubber band had snapped, rendering his third attempt ineffective.

Subsequently, the siblings contacted their mother, who had temporarily paused at a relative’s residence to offer assistance en route from work. Upon receiving the call from her distressed and incoherent children, she discerned the word “kidnapper” and promptly hastened home to alert the authorities.

Recalling the incident, Maggie expressed her state of disbelief, admitting to being in a state of shock for several days.

Law enforcement found the 17 years old kidnapper concealed at a gas station situated in close proximity. Subsequently, the individual faced legal charges, including attempted kidnapping, attempted felony assault, as well as misdemeanor assault and battery, in the Alpena County District Court.

As stated in a press release by the police, the individual displayed evident indications of injury that aligned with the impact expected from the slingshot shots targeting his head and chest.

Maggie expressed skepticism towards her son’s account of accurately hitting the kidnapper’s forehead and chest from a distance of 200 feet. However, the police validated Owen’s narrative, as they observed during their interrogation of the suspect that the swelling caused by the impact of the marble on his forehead continued to increase.

“You always accuse me of lying!” Owen said to his mother.

“I simply couldn’t fathom it,” she responded. “It seemed so unbelievable, until concrete evidence emerged. It resembled a scene straight out of a movie.”

“Mom,” the teenager asserted, “events portrayed in movies can and do occur in reality.” Undoubtedly, this young man exemplifies heroism!

This remarkable tale beautifully portrays the courageous endeavors of an elder brother safeguarding his younger sister. Spread this narrative among your friends and family, allowing it to ignite inspiration within them too.