Albino Sisters Born 12 Years Apart Become Modeling Sensations

Asel and Kamila are two siblings from Kazakhstan who share a remarkable genetic condition called albinism. Albinism is a rare disorder characterized by a lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair. Despite being born 12 years apart, both sisters were born with this unique condition.

When Asel, the older sister, was born, her mother, Aiman Sarkitova, was shocked by her appearance. At that time, genetic understanding and awareness were not as developed as they are now. The doctors were equally surprised by Asel’s albinism. Little did they know that they would witness the same phenomenon 12 years later when Kamila, the younger sister, was born.

The striking and rare sight of these two siblings with albinism caught the attention of many, leading them to embark on a modeling career together. Asel had already been modeling since the age of 10, but with Kamila by her side, their popularity skyrocketed. They gained a substantial following on Instagram, with over 33,000 followers.

While their albinism has opened doors to success in the modeling industry, it also comes with challenges. Albinism is associated with sensitivity to sunlight and other medical conditions. Asel shared that she takes precautions such as applying sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, headgear, or using an umbrella when she ventures outdoors during the afternoon. The evenings are more comfortable for her as there is less direct sunlight.

Despite the hardships they may face due to their condition, the sisters find solace in having each other. Albinism is a rare condition, and individuals with albinism often feel isolated. However, Asel and Kamila are fortunate to have a family member who understands their experiences firsthand.

Through their modeling success, the sisters hope to raise awareness about albinism and showcase the unique beauty of albino individuals. They aim to educate people who may be unfamiliar with the condition. Asel expressed that many people lack knowledge about albinism, and their presence in the modeling industry serves as a way to shed light on this rare condition.

Asel and Kamila’s journey as models demonstrates that uniqueness and diversity should be celebrated. They are not only stunning in appearance but also in their ability to inspire others and bring attention to the experiences of individuals with albinism.