Grandma, 88, Who Felt 'Wanted' When Grandson Built Her a Special Room In His House Is 'Reborn' in His Child after Her Death, Dad Claims


A popular TikToker named Matthew Stewart is being praised for being a loving grandson to his ill 88-year-old grandmother, whom he had invited to live with him. Stewart took the time to build a special room just for his grandma and was devoted to taking care of her. Grandma Bobbe had the sweetest reaction toward her grandson's efforts.

Grandparents are instrumental and vital figures in any family dynamic. Many who are lucky enough to have grandparents still around tend to share close ties and bonds with them. For popular Floridian Tiktoker Matthew Stewart, the above is more than accurate.

Stewart's relationship with his 88-year-old grandma Bobbe was especially so close to the point where he designed a special room for her in his home to account for her medical diagnosis. The TikToker wanted to express his gratitude to his grandmother for all the things she had done for him over the years.

After learning that his grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, Stewart wanted to ensure that she would be safe and well taken care of. Thus, he moved her into his home with his wife. As a social media personality who documents his life, Stewart made sure to document his grandmother's heartwarming reaction to the news. In a heartfelt Instagram reel, Stewart drove his grandmother to the plot where his house was being renovated.

He stopped the car and explained that his grandmother would have a room just for her situated as part of the residence. As Stewart describes all the features and amenities that Grandma Bobbe's room would have, she turns around with a shocked look and starts crying. Grandma Bobbe was so delighted to hear that she would be moving in with her grandson and expressed that she was elated to know that she was wanted by family:

Stewart disclosed that his grandmother's emotional reaction almost broke his heart, and he was happy to know how much his gracious gesture meant to her. Stewart's generosity is the gift that keeps on giving. In addition to providing his grandmother with a room of her own, the internet personality built a makeshift salon in his home so that Grandma Bobbe could get her hair done since the regular salon she frequents had closed.

In another Instagram video, Stewart filmed Grandma Bobbe's reaction to finally seeing her finished room inside his home. The sweet elder started crying and was at a loss for words as she stared at the beautifully and uniquely designed room.

The grandma and grandson duo were as thick as thieves and shared nearly every moment together, filming videos of the two of them getting up to all sorts of fun family activities. Before Grandma Bobbe tragically passed away, she had two years to enjoy her beautiful new life with her grandson and his family.

Grandma Bobbe's Beautiful Last Moments with Her Grandson

As mentioned before, Stewart had also gifted his grandmother with a mini salon where he became her personal hairstylist for a day. The whole ordeal was documented and shared on social media, where it garnered a total of 1.3 million views.

In another adorable video, Stewart and his wife revealed that they would be having a baby, making Grandma Bobbe a great-grandmother. The sweet little old lady was absolutely thrilled by the news and jokingly added that she would be ready to change diapers.

Stewart and his wife became parents for the second and third time with their twin boys - Asher and Aiden. The baby boys were born prematurely at 33 weeks and six days old on April 11 this year at 4:18 p.m. and 4:36 p.m.

After sharing the wonderful news, Grandma Bobbe tragically experienced a severe fall from which she had to go into rehab to recover. Grandma Bobbe sadly passed away at the end of January 2022. In loving memory of his grandmother, Stewart compiled a visual dedication of all the fantastic memories the two of them had shared together.

On April 24, 2022, Stewart's daughter was born, and the social media influencer shared the baby's precious first moments with his followers. According to Stewart, Baby Hadley has a part of her grandmother that shines inside her:

"Watching GB leave us was the toughest lose of my life. She was truly my rock, but part of me feels she knew she had to go so a part of her could be reborn. I will always miss GB, but I know we will see parts of her sassy, hardheaded...attitude again in Hadley."

Stewart was his grandmother's biggest cheerleader and fiercest protector. While looking back on past special memories the two had shared, Stewart reminisced about how blessed he has been:

"I'm so blessed to have all these memories and love that everyone is enjoying them along with me!"

On September 25, 2022, Stewart and his wife celebrated their beautiful baby girl, Hadley, for International Daughter's Day. The loving papa adoringly went on about how much the happy couple love and adore their little baby and wished every daughter in the world a great day. A few fans even noticed that blue-eyed baby Hadley had a direct resemblance to her great-grandmother Bobbe:

Matthew Stewart Became a Dad for the Second and Third Time

Stewart and his wife became parents for the second and third time with their twin boys - Asher and Aiden. The baby boys were born prematurely at 33 weeks and six days old on April 11 this year at 4:18 p.m. and 4:36 p.m.

They had to be placed in NICU for a couple of days to build their strength and develop the skills needed for newborns. The doting parents shared updates on the twins' progress via Instagram.

As a result of the babies being born very early, the couple could not immediately take them home as soon as they were born. Stewart spoke about how anxious and excited the couple remained to bring their newborns home:

"We are, of course, anxiously awaiting the day we get the ok to bring them home. We can't wait for Hadley to meet her little brothers! The nurses and doctors in the Hospital and NICU have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!"

In another update, Stewart shared that his little boys had been making steady progress as they got closer to the day when they could bring them home. The father of three shared the following with his followers on Instagram:

"The progress these boys have made over the past 16 days has been amazing! From all the tubes and UV light to crushing bottles and gaining pounds. Keep trucking along, fellas, and get your little butts home [because] Hadley needs her brothers!"

The beautiful baby boys finally made their way home recently, and Stewart and his family remain happy and blessed despite the tough challenge they faced when Grandma Bobbe passed away. Though the lovely elder is no longer around, her memory lives on in her great-grandchildren, especially her look-a-like little Hadley.