Jerry Mathers from 'Leave It to Beaver' Chose Family Life & Babysits 5 Grandkids – Now at 74 He Gardens & Cooks


Beaver Cleaver from "Leave It to Beaver" chose an ordinary life and became a happy family man despite his popularity!

He is the only surviving actor from the show's cast, and his current life is different.

The star cares for his garden, spends time with his grandchildren, and is happy with his younger wife.

From 1957 until 1963, Jerry Mathers was a child star who played the role of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver in "Leave It to Beaver." He was a teenager when the series concluded, and he was jobless but managed to find his way in life.

In May 2023, at age 74, the actor revealed that the show that made him famous ended at the right time for him. The celebrity shared how he'd wanted to play sports, but he couldn't fulfill his wish because he was always working at the studio.

However, being jobless meant he could do what he'd always wanted to do: join the football and track teams. Jerry said he also enjoyed attending a regular school because he had a private tutor while on the show.

The star also made many friends, and being one of the most recognized television child stars didn't stop him from leading a life that made him "very happy." The series ended because the cast members knew people would tire of them, and they had to explore other things.

When he got older, Jerry briefly joined the California Air National Guard. He also became a real estate agent before "Still The Beaver" led him to return to acting, with him confessing that he was "very good" at selling property before adding:

"People liked having the Beaver as their realtor. I was a million-dollar salesperson..."

It appears his acting days are behind him because Jerry is now more focused on everyday life. The actor seemed happy with his life and was pleased to be a family man.

Jerry Chose an Ordinary Life & Became a Father: Years Later He Gardens and Cooks

Jerry pursued his studies while he was a teenager and only took on a few guest appearances on shows like "Lassie" and "Batman." Enlisting in the National Guard was his childhood dream where he emulated his father, who'd served in the Air Force.

The actor got to be a colonel's executive secretary in wing headquarters. By 2012, the star had emersed himself in other hobbies like gardening, as seen in a Facebook post where he sat wearing gloves flanked by different beautiful plants.

He seemed to love doing the task as he had more plants behind him. For Thanksgiving that year, he proudly showed off his cooking skills by posing with a 25-pound turkey he cooked at his mother's house!

The following year he reprised his role as the cook for Thanksgiving when he posed for a Facebook picture where he was seen basing the turkey. When he wasn't shaking things up in the kitchen, he became a family man and a father.

In February 2012, the last remaining "Leave It to Beaver" actor posed alongside his daughter, Gretchen. He revealed that he was welcoming a new son-in-law because her boyfriend, Ryan, had proposed, and the family "couldn't be happier!"

Jerry also noted how Ryan had asked him for her hand in marriage before surprising Gretchen with a proposal! Fans focused on the star's daughter, with one person reiterating the actor's own words by noting how "beautiful" Gretchen was, while someone else commented:

"Lovely daughter. You must be very proud!"

Two years later, the celebrity posed alongside his other daughter, Mercedes, and revealed that being able to attend her Halloween wedding was one of his "treasured milestones." He lovingly wished Mercedes and her husband a blissful marriage filled with romance and joy.

For 2013's Father's Day, he reshared a post by Gretchen which included a throwback photo of them when she was a young girl and he, a young man. The star showed how much he enjoyed being a father and said he couldn't believe he'd be giving her away that August.

Welcoming some new additions to his family, his sons-in-law, meant Jerry could now level up as a parent. The actor was still a parent, but now he also got to be a doting grandparent!

"We Have a Great Time with the Grandchildren:" Jerry Reveals His Current Life at 74

While Jerry still liked acting, having his own life was equally important, and the life he led in 2023 was good to him. He still had the hit series under his belt, but he now had time to go and meet people.

The actor was also a grandfather with five grandchildren and described the role as "wonderful." He was married, and he and his wife enjoyed their children's offspring, with the star revealing:

"We have a great time with the grandchildren."

The couple sometimes babysat, and he did autograph shows and traveled around the country for fun. Being a celebrity meant people still came to him with questions about the show and wanted to know what he was doing now, with Jerry stating:

"I'm just so grateful…"

The actor said his life was terrific because the show gained him many friends. In August 2015, the star shared a Facebook picture of himself holding his first and newborn grandchild, revealing she was a baby girl and he was excited to be a grandparent and to spoil her rotten!

Jerry [Mathers] revealed that he embraced the milestone...

In May 2021, he showed how important family was to him when he celebrated his mother, Marilyn's 94th Birthday. The actor marked the day by sharing a picture of her posing with some of her 14 grandchildren and 12 great-grandchildren.

In January 2011, Jerry married the love of his life, and in April of that same year, he showed her off by sharing their wedding photo. The couple was happily married for 12 years in 2023!

Although in 2023, it had been 60 years since "Leave It to Beaver" concluded, the actor still knew he was the Beaver. He said he was accustomed to people recognizing him as his childhood character when they encountered him in the street.

When he was younger, he always corrected them by giving his real name and explaining how Beaver was the one they gave him on the show! The celebrity's life has been fun; when he celebrated turning 70, he received number balloons to mark the occasion.

erry revealed that he embraced the milestone and confessed, "I have never been happier in my life." He shared appreciation for his wife, family, and loyal and caring friends and fans before noting how he anticipated that the best was coming!