Michael J. Fox admits that having Parkinson’s disease “sucks,” but he has a “great life” and “no regrets,” as he puts it:

At the SXSW Film Festival, seven years after receiving a public diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease, Michael J. Fox discussed his journey since that time.

 “I may feel sorry for myself, but I don’t have time for that,” the actor, now 61, said of his choice not to let his diagnosis get him down. During the occasion, his documentary Still: A Michael J. Fox Film was also screened.

Despite the difficulties that come with it, he has persisted in fighting this ailment. His tenacity and fortitude serve as an example to those with Parkinson’s disease and other debilitating conditions.

He was asked how, when he had no choice, he got others to care about Parkinson’s disease during a Q&A session. He responded by giving it everything he had, not just for show.

He asserted that this is an opportunity to seize and move on and that feeling sorry for oneself is a waste of time and energy. He believes that it is crucial to learn from this experience in order to advance the cause.

When questions about Davis Guggenheim’s documentary on Fox were received, the actor replied that he wanted to repay his fans.

They had given him a life, he said, and they wanted to express their gratitude by revealing more about themselves.

Although though he acknowledged that having Parkinson’s disease is not ideal, he insisted that it had nonetheless given him an amazing life.

Despite his diagnosis, Fox said he refused to let it define him and carried on doing what was necessary before gradually slowing down.

The documentary explores Michael J. Fox’s life while incorporating both fictional and authentic situations.

It explores not only his public persona, which is nostalgic and cinematic in style, but also personal moments from his journey, such as his time spent living with Parkinson’s disease.

Fox declared, “I want to talk about Parkinson’s, but I don’t want to produce a movie about Parkinson’s. He decided to make a video on life in general as opposed to just recording his illness as a result.

In 2013, Michael J. Fox took a bold and potent step by going public with his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis.

Before his revelation, the paparazzi had started to gather outside his house, jeering at him and enquiring, “What’s wrong with you?” He recalled this.

He made the decision to disclose his illness in order to shield his neighbours from any unsuitable attention and avowed that it was “great.”

The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research was established the same year that Michael J. Fox revealed he had Parkinson’s disease.

The group has made remarkable efforts to find a treatment, with a relentless dedication to funding rigorous research projects and offering better remedies to those who are afflicted.

Fox was somewhat aback by how others responded when they found out about his condition.

He had hope and excitement about coming up with a solution rather than sadness or pity. This further strengthened his resolve to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

On its website, the foundation makes it clear what its goals are: to be a pioneer in “aggressively sponsored research” that will lead to the ultimate cure for Parkinson’s disease patients.