How To Grow New Hydrangeas From Cuttings


Once you’ve gathered the desired amount of clippings, it’s time to plant them. Using a good quality potting soil, plant the cuttings in the soil so that at least two of the nodes are covered. Pack the soil firmly around the base of the stem. Many people choose to use fertilizers or rooting hormone to encourage the cuttings to grow more quickly and robustly. Choose a pot with drainage holes so the roots don’t become waterlogged.

Water your cuttings regularly so that the soil doesn’t get dried out. Place in an area with indirect light. As the cutting grows, you will likely need to transfer it into a bigger pot until the plant and roots are developed enough to make it in the garden. Then, you’ll be well on your way to a garden full of hydrangeas! I love how simple this method is, and I can’t wait to fill our front and back gardens with beautiful hydrangeas in a variety of colors.