Richard Gere’s “Hero” Dad Passed Away Months After Celebrating 100th Birthday

Richard Gere’s father, Homer Gere, passed away at the age of 100, leaving Richard in deep grief. Homer, a resident of North Syracuse, was known for his active involvement in the community and his support for Richard’s career. He encouraged Richard to reach for the stars before the actor’s successful rise in the entertainment industry.

Homer Gere, a respected insurance agent who retired at 65, was also a dedicated volunteer for North Area Meals on Wheels. His efforts were recognized with an award, and both Homer and Richard appeared in advertisements for the charity. Richard often praised his father as his hero and credited him for his achievements.

In May 2022, Richard and his loved ones celebrated Homer’s 100th birthday at Pastabilities, a renowned restaurant in New York. Richard’s admiration for his father was so profound that he even named his baby after him.

Unfortunately, Richard Gere faced a health scare during a family vacation in Mexico. Contracting a virus, he developed a persistent cough that worsened while he was there. Eventually, he sought medical attention and was diagnosed with pneumonia. After a day of observation in the hospital, he was released.

Richard has not publicly addressed his father’s passing, suggesting he is profoundly affected by the loss. His wife, Alejandra Silva, confirmed Homer’s death on Instagram, paying tribute to his life and community involvement.

The news of Richard Gere’s father’s passing was shared online, alongside other trending stories. People were encouraged to show their support for Richard and his family during this difficult time by sharing the news on social media.

The passing of a loved one, regardless of their age, is always challenging. We hope Richard Gere and his family find comfort in the cherished memories they shared with Homer.