After the birth of the adorable twins, the doctor’s astonishing words surprised the parents

Husband and wife Matt and Jody Perry had a son named Finlay. However, the couple also desired to have a daughter.

And so it happened that Jody became pregnant for the second time.

The couple learned that they were expecting twins. The joyful family eagerly awaited the birth of the babies.

Jody’s delivery was premature, but it proceeded normally and, as the doctors had stated, two adorable twins came into the world.

Upon examination, the delighted parents were surprised to hear the doctor say, “I am not surprised.”

It was clear that the mother couldn’t feel all the happiness that women typically experience after the birth of ordinary children.

The charming babies were not only born with Down syndrome but also had other health issues

At that time, the parents of the twins didn’t yet know if the babies would be able to speak, attend school, or have friends.

Six years had passed from that day when the doctor had doubted the girls’ chances of survival.

But Jody declared that if she were to meet that doctor, she would tell him not to doubt, as the birth of their twins was the best thing that ever happened in their lives.