Gwen Stefani Shows Teen Son Years after She Was Mocked for Picking 'Really Strange' & 'Weird' Name for the Boy

Gwen Stefani recently shared rare pictures of her son in honor of his 15th birthday.

She welcomed the boy with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, but was criticized for giving her son an unusual name.

A few people familiar with Stefani and Rossdale's lives have speculated on the possible meanings of the boy's unique moniker.

Gwen Stefani, internationally renowned for her vocal talents, has been open about her life as a mother. Although she keeps the lives of her three boys as private as possible, the singer has shared pictures of each of them on special occasions. Recently, it was her middle son Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale's turn to feature on his mother's social media.

Stefani made a post in honor of the boy's 15th birthday, putting together a video montage that included photos of Zuma over the years. The Instagram Reel was set to "Something in the Orange" by Zach Bryan. The clip showed Zuma smiling at the camera, often posing alongside his proud mother.

The video started with a snap of a younger Zuma smiling broadly. Stefani added in big, bold, blue letters, "Happy birthday Zuma !!" She also captioned the post, "happy 15th birthday Zuma !!! we love u more than anything."

Why Did Gwen Stefani Be Criticized for Her Son's Name?

Stefani shares Zuma, along with his two brothers, with her ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale, in 2008. Dave Tomberlin, a publicist, announced that the baby was healthy and the family was glad to receive him. Although many fans were happy to hear Stefani's second son was safely brought into the world, controversy over the boy's name soon spread, with fans calling it "really strange" and saying it's "weird."

Stefani's choice of name attracted a considerable amount of attention.

An article in the Kentucky New Era suggested the boy might want to change his name when he grows older, and many Twitter users expressed their confusion at the unique moniker. One person wrote, "Gwen Stefani why would you curse you child and name them zuma, I haven't gotten over that, still traumatized." Another echoed:

"Who on earth would wanna name their child Zuma Nesta Rock? Gwen Stefani. And she really did."

"The only uncool thing about Gwen Stefani is that her kid's name is Zuma, LOL whyyyyyy man!?" asked another fan in astonishment. One fan suggested Stefani "hates her new kid," and another thought she was "setting a kid up for failure." Over the years, people have tried their best to guess the meaning behind Zuma's unique moniker.

Why Did Gwen Stefani Name Her Son Zuma?

Stefani's choice of name attracted a considerable amount of attention. Naturally, people started speculating on the meaning behind her son's name, looking for clues from the singer's life, and even considering elements from before she and her rock star husband found widespread success.

Linda Rosenkrantz, co-author of "The Baby Name Bible: The Ultimate Guide By America's Baby-Naming Experts," speculated that the name "Zuma" might be a nod to Zuma Beach in Malibu, California — a spot that Rossdale has spoken about on more than one occasion.

Nesta, on the other hand, is likely a reference to Bob Marley, whose given name was also Nesta. It's a safe assumption to make, since Stefani and Rossdale's oldest son also has a name based on reggae music: Kingston. As for Zuma's second middle name, Rock, the general assumption is that it could be a reference to Stefani's band No Doubt's third album, "Rock Steady."