How To Make Creamy, Flavor-Packed Sweet Potatoes

When it comes to baking sweet potatoes, I always just poke a few holes in them with a fork and toss them into the oven. I’d never even thought about baking them any other way. But now that I know about this method, I’ll never bake sweet potatoes the old way again!

According to Corey from Family Fresh Meals, the best way to make sweet potatoes is actually in a crock pot. No more need for poking holes and wrapping in tinfoil. To make perfectly soft, creamy sweet potatoes, all you need to do is scrub your sweet potatoes and rinse them. You don’t want to dry them off, as this is the moisture the sweet potatoes will need once they’re in the crock pot.

Place the rinsed sweet potatoes into the crock pot and cook on low for six to seven hours, or on high for three and a half to four hours. Once you can easily insert a fork into the sweet potatoes, they’re all done. Now, you’re ready to top the sweet potatoes with whatever you want! My favorite topping ideas are sour cream, crispy bacon, and green onions, and pulled pork with barbecue sauce and some shredded sharp cheddar.

The best thing about making sweet potatoes this way is that you can simply stick them in the crock pot and walk away, only to come back to perfectly cooked potatoes! I’ll definitely be making my sweet potatoes this way from here on out.