Pavarotti’s granddaughter goes up on stage — now look when she opens her mouth

In the great debate about whether talent is created by nature or nurture, this video of a young opera singer definitely comes out on the side of nature.

In 2011, Maria Cristina Craciun, granddaughter of the late tenor Luciano Pavarotti, performed a song called “Caruso.” From the moment she opens her mouth, it’s obvious where she gets her talent from—those have to be Pavarotti family vocal chords! And what’s even more astonishing is to hear that voice coming from someone as young as 11.

There’s no need to understand Italian for this song to touch your heart. The power of Maria Cristina’s voice and her passion alone are enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Check out her tour de force performance below! 

What a voice! Pavarotti must be very proud looking down on her from heaven.

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